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Site Map

  • Andrew Drummond (1688-1769)
    Was the founder of the London bank Messrs Drummond. He purchased the Stanmore estate and lived in Stanmore House

  • Bentley Priory
    History, Battle of Britain Museum and Nature Reserve

  • Bernays Gardens
    Bernays Gardens are a secluded public garden in the old village of Stanmore.

  • The Bernays Memorial Institute
    The Bernays Memorial Institute has been a familiar and well-loved landmark and focal point in Stanmore Village for nearly 140 years.

  • Churches of Stanmore
    Including St. John the Evangelist, St Lawrence and the ruins of St. John's.

  • Clement Richard Attlee
    Clement Attlee lived with his family in a large villa on Stanmore's London Road called "Heywood".
    A brown plaque marks the former family home

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    Our email address for you to get in touch

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  • William Knox D'Arcy (1949-1917)
    Director of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) which would later become British Petroleum, And owner of Stanmore Hall

  • E-cards
    Send your friends an electronic postcard from Stanmore.

  • Famous Residents
    Stanmore's famous Sons & Daughters

  • Picture Gallery
    Old photo's and postcards from the village of Stanmore.

  • Frederick Gordon
    Chairman of "The Gordon Hotels Company limited" and "The Frederick Hotels Company Limited", built the Stanmore Railway, Started Stanmore Golf Course and turned Bentley Priory into a private hotel before making it his family home.

  • Guest Book
    A guest book for your comments.

  • Links
    External links to other websites

  • Listed Buildings
    A record of Listed Buildings of Stanmore

  • Pubs
    Pubs of Stanmore, past and present.

  • Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen
    Was the queen consort of the United Kingdom and of Hanover, as spouse of William IV. Died 2 December 1849 at Bentley Priory in Stanmore.

  • Sports Clubs
    A list of Stanmore sporting Clubs.

  • Spring Ponds
    A history of Spring Ponds

  • Stanmore Park
    A history of Stanmore Park

  • Stanmore 1914 - 1918 War Memorial
    Remembering those that fell in the 1914 - 1918 conflict.

  • Stanmore Branch Line
    The Harrow and Stanmore Railway

  • Stanmore Common
    Local Nature Reserve.

  • Stanmore Domesday Entry
    The duel entry for the two Stanmores in England's Great Survey.

  • Stanmore Hall
    The History of Stanmore Hall, Wood Lane Stanmore.

  • Stanmore Hill
    One of the highest points of London, 152 metres (499 ft) high.

  • Stanmore Toll House
    The History of The Stanmore Toll House, Stanmore Hill.

  • Walks
    Walks around Stanmore including maps to download

  • Warren House
    The History of Warren House, Wood Lane Stanmore

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